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Four containers can be stacked



Their exceptional accuracy of fit and clever statics make it possible to stack mmbox container modules up to four times. This creates countless possible container system combinations, both vertically and horizontally – despite of limited areas.

Stable construction

Steel frame



When you rent or buy an mmbox container, you can count on the highest quality. All mmbox container rooms are based on a stable frame which has been built to precise specifications with the latest welding technology. The self-supporting steel structure is available with ceiling heights of 2.5 or 2.75 metres.

Solid foundation

Container floor



The stable large sandwich panel in the floor of the container is an effective insulator against heat and cold and can be covered with low-maintenance PVC or carpet. Numerous colours are available to customise the interior of the containers.

Permanent weather resistance

Container roof



The robust roof of an mmbox container consists of galvanised aluminium trapezoidal sheeting in combination with mineral wool and PUR insulation layers. The container roof can be walked on and its excellent insulation makes it permanently weather resistant. Rainwater drain and leaf guard included.

For natural ventilation and daylight




Large double tilt-and-turn windows let daylight shine into mmbox’s container rooms and provide natural ventilation. The quality double glazing insulates against heat and cold, keeping the room climate consistent without using a lot of energy.

Robust, well insulated and low maintenance

Container wall



The walls of the container are made of sandwich panels for optimal insulation. The exterior paintwork is RAL 7032 (pebble grey) as standard but can be customised with colours and film on request. Likewise, the containers can be adapted to be ENEV-compliant.

Secure access

Container doors



MMBOX container rooms can be accessed through a robust, galvanised double multi-purpose door or a transparent glass door on the front end. As security is the highest priority, the doors are fitted with cylinder locks.

Flexible heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Modular frames and elements



Whether as accommodation, offices, on building sites or as sanitary containers, mmbox containers are exceptionally versatile and convertible. Their versatility is also due to their frontal modular frames which can be fitted with a wide range of elements to meet the specifications of the user.

Certified quality

Certified quality



All container rooms from MMBOX are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with the CE marking and the Eurocodes. MMBOX Container is happy to provide any necessary certificates and construction certificates on request.

Ready to use immediately

MMBOX Container basic equipment



Lots of pieces of equipment make MMBOX containers a premium system-building product. Energy-saving LED lights, magnetic walls and shockproof plug sockets are but some of the examples of the elaborate basic equipment in MMBOX’s flexible container rooms.


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